A New Evolution In Housing

ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Units) are being used to create a new style of housing from affordable housing units, apartments, single family residences, pop up cafes and everything in between. The rising popularity of building homes, apartments and retail centers using ISBU (Intermodal Steel Building Unit) commonly referred to as (shipping containers) is impossible to ignore. For Builders and homeowners one of the most desirable traits are the tremendous cost and time savings. It has been estimated that building with ISBU’s can lead to a cost savings of up to 40% over traditional stick and brick buildings. Any ISBU conversion whether being constructed for residential or commercial can be 95% completed at the Eco Box Fabricators plant before being delivered to the final site thus saving time in the build and at the job site. The ISBU is one of the strongest module structures available as they are constructed out of A588 COR-TEN steel.

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