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Shipping container homes are a hot trend. They fulfill many needs and desires, including home-building on a budget, living simply and reducing clutter, being friendlier to the environment and many others. Recycled steel containers that have reached the end of their usefulness for transporting goods around the world serve as the perfect foundation for some…
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Big Plans for Container Apartments

Shipping Container builds have been a constant source of creativity in the ever-growing housing market over the last few years. They are already built wind and water tight and can be shipping directly from the factory, even going so far as to have custom cut-outs pre-ordered. In Salt Lake City, a group of eco-builders are…
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Shipping containers turned

Shipping containers turned into an affordable apartment building? A Salt Lake City company plans to make it happen, but obstacles remain. Inside a chilly warehouse on Salt Lake City’s west side, work is underway on what might be called the bleeding edge of less-conventional affordable housing. Owner Rod Newman and his company Eco Box Fabricators…
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Home Sweet Shipping Container

Home, Sweet Shipping Container, Home: SLC Builder Stacks Steel Boxes To Fill Affordable Housing Gap While certainly not typical residential listings, these rentals are part of a new downtown development aimed at addressing an affordable housing shortage with a novel twist: used shipping containers. “Inside will look like any apartment that you’ve ever been in,”…
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