Monthly Archives: February 2020

Salt Lake City Apartment Complex

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE: Salt Lake City apartment complex to be built out of shipping containers. It’s a Utah housing project made of boxes, welcomed for its “outside the box” design. A Salt Lake City company called Eco Box Fabricators broke ground Jan. 31 on what will be the state’s first multi-story apartment complex made…
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Contain This

The first time I ever heard about someone living in a storage container was during the 1970s. Some guy was teaching people how to be "hobos" and ride trains across the country for free, as well as how to live in the containers when they were parked in a rail yard. I wanted to find…
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Shipping container homes are a hot trend. They fulfill many needs and desires, including home-building on a budget, living simply and reducing clutter, being friendlier to the environment and many others. Recycled steel containers that have reached the end of their usefulness for transporting goods around the world serve as the perfect foundation for some…
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