Top 5 Reasons To Take a Look at Container Housing

When it comes to container homes, a lot of people are not aware of this new trend. Times are changing, and more people are seeing the value of these types of housing solutions. Here are the top five reasons you will want to take a closer look at container housing options. 1. Affordability is a…
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68 Modules Being Constructed

With an eco box from Eco Box Fabricators, it is possible to provide quality low income and affordable housing without taking up a lot of space or spending a long time constructing new buildings. Currently, the biggest apartment project using eco boxes, consisting of 68 Units and using some 140 containers on six floors, is…
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The Container Housing Revolution

A revolution in the way people live is coming, and it's called container housing. If you haven't heard of this yet, it involves the creation of shipping container homes. These homes are small, but they can offer a lot of value to people who want little homes that are easy to care for and can…
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