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Hand Built in Texas by Master Craftsmen, Just for You

Ecopool is truly a loyal testament to the kind of craftsmanship and values that were seen in days gone by. Today, fewer items are made by hand, and by people who enjoy creating them. We're exciting about handcrafting steel just the way our forefathers did. We're located near the breathtaking Texas hill country, and meticulously create every pool by hand. Our attention to detail is always there, even in areas you'll never see.

At Ecopool, we made high-quality steel pools that are used for leisure, fitness, and recreation. With fine materials that are truly awe-inspiring, we're dedicated to creating works of art that are also highly functional. Now, for the first time ever, Ecopool is offering a 16-foot-wide model that's created by joining two shipping containers. You can get this pool in lengths of 20 or 40 feet, for a truly massive pool you can really enjoy to the fullest.


Iconic Visionary Design

The idea for Ecopool comes from looking around Texas port cities, exploring areas like the urban fringes in Houston. Those kinds of places are full of industrial design, which is truly striking in many ways. In places that are now abandoned, such as run-down factories and old breweries, we saw what steel could do. We also saw how these places have been changed and made new again, as homes to other businesses that are now thriving. Everywhere we went, we also found old shipping containers. There are 17 million of them in existence, but there are only six million being used!

Ecopool is here to change that. By converting shipping containers to swimming pools, and making sure these containers are truly being put to good use, those containers are getting new life. Soon, you'll be able to get an Ecopool in every state in the contiguous United States.

partially inground container pool
partially inground container pool


The New Generation

Ecopool has leaped ahead of other pool manufacturers, with materials that are one-of-a-kind and a modern design you'll love. With more strength and capacity than before, you can also get everything you want in a pool that's elegant, solid, and affordable. For the first time ever, we're offering multi-container assemblies so you can have unlimited sizes to choose from. With hand-crafted and hand-welded steel structures, you'll enjoy modern and industrial in the perfect marriage. The solid steel frame gives you maximum stability, and the bold, modern, industrial design of our pools has 8 patents pending.

There are more than 300 hand welds on each one of our pools, taking you back to a time when everything was built to last. Ecopool places a big emphasis on the essential appeal of our pools, along with the clean-cut lines, practicality, and simplicity of design that's without any unneeded decoration. There are literally hundreds of combinations to choose from, and you can enjoy premium options such as ultraviolet water disinfection and a polymer-based tile interior, too.


Infinitely More Spectacular

For the first time in history, the engineers at Ecopool have created a patent-pending process that allows for the connecting of multiple shipping containers into a modular system. This marriage of modern with industrial takes away the confining size limits seen in the past. Now, Ecopool is available in 8 or 16 foot widths, as well as in lengths up to 40 feet. Personalize your Ecopool any way that works for you, with our convenient 3D Pool Studio.

partially inground container pool


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