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Ecopool FAQ

Prepurchase, Financing, & Ordering

What size Ecopools can I select from?

➥ Ecopool offers plenty of size options with our patent-pending modular design. That means we can create designs that are very small, all the way to very large. Currently, we offer pools that are 8 or 16 feet wide, by either 20 or 40 feet long.

Where can I find the Ecopool factory?

➥ Ecopool is proudly manufactured near Austin, Texas.

Does the price of an Ecopool include shipping, or setup and installation?

➥ Because Ecopool is a factory-based manufacturer, we don't provide any on-site services. These would be handled by a local contractor, a subcontractor, or the homeowner. The good news is that Ecopool is built right in the factory, so installation and setup are very simple. You can find more information about those areas below.

I configured my Ecopool online. Now what do I do?

➥Congratulations! You should receive an email with a link to your saved design. Then you can use that link to see your design and make any changes to it. Once you want to move forward, you can reach out to us and a member of the Ecopool team will process your order and confirm it.

Does Ecopool offer any kind of financing?

➥ Yes! We work closely with two great lenders to offer multiple options for financing. You can get prequalified here:

Get Prequalified with HFS Financial

Get Prequalified with Hearth

Does the prequalification for financing affect my credit?

➥ Submitting a loan prequalification request requires a "soft pull" on your credit file. This won't affect your credit score. If you decide to move forward and fully apply with one of our lending partners, that lender will then conduct a "hard pull." That usually has a small effect on your credit score, just like applying for any other type of loan.

Ecopool Shipping

How long does it take to get my Ecopool?

➥ Timing depends on the final design of the Ecopool you want. A simple 8’x20’ pool can be shipment-ready in as little as 10 days. Larger sizes generally require longer, with most of them being in the 3-4 week range.

Where can Ecopool be shipped to?

➥ Ecopool can be shipped anywhere around the world, including the US and Canada.

How much does it cost to ship my Ecopool?

➥ Shipping costs for your Ecopool depend on the size you've chosen and where it's going. While shipping costs vary, a typical range is from $500 to $2,500. We can help you get some shipping quotes.

Ecopool Installation

How much does it cost to set up and install my Ecopool?

➥ The cost of setup and installation varies and will depend on pool size, geographic location, site location, site preparation needs, ease of access, and other things. Setup costs typically range from $2,000 to $4,000 for an on-ground installation. A fully in-ground installation will be more costly, and generally ranges from $6,000 to $12,000.

How long will it take for my Ecopool to ship?

➥That depends on what you choose for the specifics of your Ecopool. A small 8' x 20' container pool often ships in around 10 days, while a larger pool may take three to four weeks.

What type of base does my Ecopool need?

➥ The kind of base you'll need for your Ecopool depends on the type of pool you're installing and your geographic location. We recommend either a gravel or concrete base for your Ecopool. Please work your contractor or subcontractor so they can perform a site inspection, and assess your exact needs.

How long will it take to get an Ecopool installed?

➥ The time needed to install your Ecopool will depend on your design choice. A small, on-ground Ecopool can often be installed in a day. Larger in-ground or partially in-ground Ecopools may take between 2 and 4 days for installation. The type and size of pool, as well as your geographic location, can all affect your installation. A gravel or concrete base is recommended. Your contractor can help you assess your needs with a site inspection.

Can my Ecopool be installed either on-ground or in-ground?

➥ Yes it can! Your Ecopool offers both fully in-ground and fully on-ground options, as well as a partially in-ground option. Depending on the look you want and your surrounding landscape, you can make the installation choice that's right for you.

Does Ecopool set up or install the pools they build?

➥ Ecopool specializes in the manufacturing of pools in a factory environment. We don't perform any site work. As the homeowner, you can select and hire a contractor or subcontractor of your choosing to set up and install Ecopool. You can also choose a DIY installation, or act as your own General Contractor. Because Ecopool is factory built, most of the work is already done.

Who is authorized to set up or install an Ecopool?

➥ Ecopool is able to be set up and installed by most contractors or subcontractors with basic knowledge of ground prep, concrete pouring, and heavy equipment operation.

Does Ecopool need a pool contractor to set up?

➥ No. Since it's built in a factory, Ecopool can be set up and installed by most types of contractors and subcontractors. Anyone with basic knowledge of ground preparation and operating heavy equipment can generally install an Ecopool.

Can a homeowner set up and install their own Ecopool?

➥ Yes! There are some homeowners who choose to set up and install their own Ecopool. You can do all the setup, or just a part of it. A lot of homeowners hire someone to prepare the ground and get the hole ready, and also to move the pool to its final location. Many homeowners prefer to act as their own General Contractor.

Can I act as the General Contractor, and subcontract my Ecopool installation?

➥ Yes! This is a very popular option that lets homeowners reduce their costs. It would be a serious undertaking with a concrete or fiberglass pool, but the simplicity and factory-built nature of Ecopools make it a much more attractive alternative.

Is it easy to set up and install an Ecopool?

➥ Yes it is! Because Ecopool is built in a factory, the on-site requirements are minimal. You need a level and prepared area that will support the pool. Ecopool is already pre-plumbed, so it's ready to be hooked up. Making the final plumbing connections only takes about an hour, and you'll generally need an electrician to get power to the pool's pump.

How can I get an Ecopool into my backyard?

➥ Ecopool can fit in nearly any backyard, and is able to be set up even on properties that are difficult to access. If a truck can access your backyard the process is easy. If that's not an option, the Ecopool can be lifted by a telehandler or a crane. Homeowners or their contractors are responsible for placement, and Ecopool doesn't provide on-site installation assistance.

Will Ecopool require a concrete foundation?

➥A concrete foundation is one of the best options for your Ecopool. However, any compact and level surface that can support the Ecopool can work well. This can include a variety of options. Crushed gravel is a popular one.

What skills are needed to set up and install an Ecopool?

➥ Installing Ecopool is easy, and it can be installed by most contractors or subcontractors. Setting up the typical Ecopool is a simple process with just three steps: site preparation, placement of pool, and final plumbing and electrical connections. Our largest width pools also require bolting the two halves together.

How can I find the right contractor or subcontractor?

➥ We recommend talking to people in your local network or groups, and also searching online in your area. It's a good idea to get references, and at least three quotes. Angie’s List and Thumbtack are two of the most popular platforms for finding contractors near you.

How long will it be before Ecopool ships?

➥ Shipping times depend on the final pool design you've chosen. Smaller pools take around 10 days, while you might be looking at three to four weeks for a larger option.

Ecopool Manufacturing

Where are these repurposed shipping containers coming from?

➥ Every Ecopool shipping container is a single-use container. In other words, they were newly manufactured and used to ship cargo overseas once. They're still in great condition after their trip, and that's a big benefit for repurposing them into an Ecopool.

Can I change the exterior color?

➥ You can! We offer custom colors on Ecopool exteriors. There's a $600 fee for the custom paint color, and please keep in mind that custom colors could extend the lead time.

Can I change the interior color or style?

➥ Yes. Ecopool offers 8 to 10 interior color options, which are available at all times and in all areas.

What type of base is needed for an Ecopool?

➥ It depends on the kind of pool you're installing, along with your geographic location. We recommend either a gravel base or concrete base for your Ecopool. Please talk to your contractor or subcontractor, so they can perform a site inspection and assess your needs.

How deep is the Ecopool?

➥ You can choose between wall heights of 52” or 46”. That equals an approximate water depth of 4 feet or 3.5 feet, which is perfect for most activities. Ecopool also offers options for custom depths.

What is the membrane inside Ecopool made from?

➥ Ecopool uses an 8-layer wall design to achieve the highest durability. The final layer that touches the water is acrylic coated and reinforced polymer. It's durable, and it also resists algae growth. The surface is smooth and nonporous, so it won't harbor bacteria and algae like concrete or plaster can.

Does Ecopool offer pumps and filters?

➥ Yes. Ecopool comes with a standard cartridge filter, and a sand filter is optional. It also comes with an energy-efficient, variable-speed leaf pump. You have the option to buy a UV Sanitation option like a SpectraLight UV light, as well as a Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Are there drains in an Ecopool, and how many?

➥ A standard Ecopool has two drains at the bottom, which helps to maximize circulation and safety.

Can an Ecopool have a heater?

➥ Yes. Ecopools can be heated with the same type of equipment used on other pools. You have the choice of natural gas or propane. These heaters can also be added during setup, or added at a later date.

Does Ecopool have a warranty?

➥ Ecopool provides a 3-year limited warranty.

Ecopool Permitting

What permits do I need for my Ecopool?

➥ The city regulations and permits required for your Ecopool will vary based on your location. In some rural areas, for example, you may not need a permit at all. Cities and more urban areas will likely require them. Reaching out to your local municipality can give you the information you need. Be sure to ask about their differentiation between on-ground and in-ground pools. Some locations consider an Ecopool an above ground pool, spa, or hot tub, which would not require permitting.

What Ecopool information is required for permits?

If you need a permit for your Ecopool, you'll likely be required to provide:
1. Dimensions of the Ecopool (we can provide drawings)
2. Water capacity (we will provide this)
3. If you have a safety cover
4. If it is in-ground or on-ground
5. Whether you have a fence and a locking gate

Who gets the permits for the Ecopool?

➥ If permits are required in your area, you or your contractor will be responsible for obtaining them.

How long does it take to get permits for an Ecopool?

➥ If needed, the time it takes to get permits will depend on the city you're working with.

Ecopool Maintenance

Are Ecopools easy to maintain?

➥ Ecopools are generally easier to maintain than traditional pools. The polymer membrane doesn’t harbor algae or bacteria the way gunite and plaster pools can. Ecopool also offers options for UV disinfection and robotic pool cleaners, so your pool maintenance can be easier than ever.

Will I need pool chemicals?

➥Yes, but thanks to the polymer membrane, Ecopool doesn't need nearly as many as a traditional pool would. Every swimming body of water requires some chlorine for water quality. You can help minimize the use of chemicals with a UV disinfection system. That allows for only a drinking water level of chlorine.

What kind of chemicals should I use in my Ecopool?

➥Most standard types of pool chlorine are compatible with Ecopool.

Can I use a saltwater chlorine generator on my Ecopool?

➥ Yes you can!

As a container pool, how does Ecopool reduce the chances of rust?

➥ Ecopool has an 8-layer system that's designed to protect its walls. The interior of the pool uses a water-containing polymer membrane that's unable to rust. Unlike some other container pools, the design of Ecopool doesn’t use the container’s actual metal structure to hold the pool water. This design offers a much better surface for sanitation, longevity, and overall appearance.

What does a robotic pool cleaner do?

➥ The best and easiest way to remove dirt and debris, and scrub the walls of your Ecopool, is with an electric robotic pool cleaner. We offer robotic pool cleaners that will handle the daily maintenance work, and cost just an average of $0.05 per cleaning hour. Many models of these cleaners have wall-climbing ability. They also scrub waterlines, filter debris of all sizes out of the water, and can be scheduled to automatically operate for convenience.